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He has worked as an independent professional photographer for more than 20 years and keeps participating in seminars concerning photography up to this day. Ever since his childhood nature and photography were a central part in his life. At the age of 14 his father, Vincenzo Sette, gave him his first camera. His love for nature and travelling combined with the creativity in his work behind a camera made him the artist he is today. These last few years he specialized in animal photography and now works manly as an animal photographer, both wild beasts and domesticated animals such as dogs, cats and horses.

The main focus in his photographic work is the wild animals in the African Savanna. With his camera he tries to catch the animal’s natural behavior in their habitat with great respect toward animal and nature.

Almost like under a spell his journeys keep bringing him back to the wild animal resorts of East-Africa. Ever since he first put foot on that ground he knew that it is not only photographing and filming, but much more and more important, the material becomes messenger to the people to protect and preserve these few remaining “paradises”. This very important issue he emphasizes several times a year by slice and film presentations.

Rocco Sette - Photographer
Rocco Sette - Photographer
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